How to Restore Faded Wood Paneling

Published: 12th May 2010
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Have become very popular wood shavings in 1930, and still look classic even today. It covers any permanent wall and adds a certain elegance to any home. With the passage of time, can become dull and carpentry, and distorted color. This usually does not require you to completely tear down the existing paneling. There are a few things you can try to restore the original look of wood-based panels.


* Wood cleaner (Murphy's oil soap or something like that)

* A large sponge

* Lemon oil

* Matching wood stain

* Wood putty

* Sand paper

* Expand the nail

* Nail punch

Step 1: Clean

In many cases to a thorough cleaning is all that is necessary to restore luster wood origin. The use of oil soap, such as Murphy's soap, to remove any accumulated grime. This will remove any dust and debris, and other pollutants that has attached itself to the surface of the wood. To do so, just to get a wet sponge and a little big, but no more than that, wet. Gently clean the plates and one at a time by rubbing in the same direction. Use a dry cloth to absorb excess moisture.

Once that is done, apply lemon oil to restore luster. Lemon oil works well on natural wood, because it does not produce a very shiny finish. For just a light layer of oil on a piece of sponge and slowly work in the wood. If this does not work, then you may need to remove and finish applying a new coat.

Step 2: nicks and scratches

Most of the panels of wood and minor deficiencies after a period of use. Can be covered surface nicks and scratches with wood stain on a cotton swab. The application of stain, then wipe away any excess with a dry cloth.

Step 3: Excavator

If you have areas with large holes or chips missing, this can be repaired with wood putty. Follow the directions provided by the manufacturer, apply the paste, let it dry, sand it down, and apply stain more than that. After the stain has dried, and check everything else seems to ensure this. If paneling old, and stains may not match. If this is the case, see the next step to re-paint all of the paneling.

Step 4: panels Refinish

If the panels are modest over time, or if they are very old and a matching stain is almost impossible, and then re-paint all the panels may be your only option. This will take some time, but it is not difficult. Use stripper to remove the light end of old. Can only be done if the area is also a vent. If you do not have enough windows to let in fresh air, and then using a hand sander to remove the end is the best idea.

Once you remove the old, and clean the panels with a mild detergent. To allow the panels to dry, and to start implementing a new stain. Once the stain has dried, you can shut down boards to protect the finish again. carries free home improvement advice, great remodeling tips , and appliance buying guides by leading home improvement authority, DIY expert and HGTV personality

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