How to Make a Bead Board

Published: 12th May 2010
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There is a perfect way to dress is boring room with the Council of grain. Bead board wall decoration is a feature that is usually installed on the bottom of the walls in every room of the high chair rail. The main advantage of the vertical channels are distinguished in the councils. Traditionally, the board is made up with a grain of each board having two channels or 'against', which makes it look like two panels. If you want your images to look 2 inches wide, you need a 41 / 2 inches Council - 4 inches for the 'plates and 1/2-inch bead of the tongue.

This tutorial is a thin plate bead, but you can make the panels as wide as you want by following the same principles.

Tools and equipment needed:

4 * 1 / 2 inch x 4.3-inch Council

* Electric wood saw

* Router

* Routing Table

* Pencil

Step 1 - Cut along the right boards

Wainscotting usually about 36-44 inches high to keep the wall from damage by chairs. Cutting boards to the height you prefer.

Step 2 - cut off the tongue

Mark plates with a score at 2 inches from the edge and 1/2-inch from the edge of the other (tongue). Use the router to cut a groove with vertical slot cut 1/2-inch bit. Low-bit and cut the tongue on the other edge.

Step 3 - Cut Groove East

Central groove cut in the middle of painting, not counting the tongue, but the place of the fence 2 inches away from the center bit. Make a depth of about 1/4-inch cut and run with it with the groove towards the fence. Until the second fence panels do not move and give the twisted groove.

Step 4 - Cut grooves V

On the side of the groove, and the status bit on the edge of the groove is hidden so 02/01 of bits of the fence.

Will be cut in half from the fifth until the unit when the tongue and groove and comes together, they make a V.

Step 5 - Finish Cut

Move the fence back 1/2-inch at the expense of their language and run with the tongue facing the wall. This is a side cut tongue groove 02/01.

Make two paintings from the first until you are sure that your measurements will work, then, when the boards to the right and slot together correctly, and spare the rest, making sure to cut quite a bit more than you need, so you are not stuck create your own measurements again to make just a few more to finish the wall.

Pill more widely available and can be made with plates plates wider. Measured only in 1/2-inch tongue and then another mark in the middle of the tongue without

You can use 1/4-inch MDF board to look beadboard using a router to cut vertical strips or channels of each V 1/2-inches 1. This is a quick and easy way to make 'wainscotting bead board. You only need to support the councils glue on the wall, then nail the beadboard 'them. carries free home improvement advice, great remodeling tips , and appliance buying guides by leading home improvement authority, DIY expert and HGTV personality

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